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Dominican Republic Holidays – The Christmas Day

Being predominantly Catholic, Christmas day takes a really special place inside the Dominican Republic's holidays. Sure, there aren‘t any white Christmases or Christmas balls, but Dominicans have their special method of celebrating the centerpiece of Christian holidays inside the Caribbean. 

First off, Dominicans start celebrating Christmas sooner than the majority of folks worldwide. They begin so early that their Christmas dinner, actually, is held upon the 24th of December, not on the standard 25th observed by the remainder of the world. 

However the Christmas mood begins far sooner than that. Beginning on the very first day‘s December, the Dominicans start playing traditional melodic Christmas tunes. Usually, groups of 2 to 4 persons play the official Dominican music, the Merengue, using the accordion, the drum and also the güira towards the tunes of Christmas carols, which depart anticipation to the celebrations to come. 

The sense of community is extremely strong among Dominicans. This really is why it isn‘t surprising that informal Christmas parties, known as Aguinaldos, parties which are open for everybody and never only for a couple of relations are held through the entire nation. People could derive from anywhere, whether or not they are invited or otherwise. On most cases, people that participate inside the Aguinaldos will be the singing parties who, on the method to the Christmas party, have visited numerous houses where they had been either given a home-made ginger beverage known as 'jengibre' or perhaps a taste of what‘s served upon the dinner table from the family they‘ve visited, called 'bocadita'. 

And in fact, once all of us have gathered inside a house in which the party is placed to kick off, partying, dancing, eating, and drinking begins. Beginning with traditional Dominican Republic carols, this party continues well into midnight. 

The Aguinaldos have always been the typical Dominican Republic method of celebrating Christmas. These informal community parties are enjoyed in the foremost populated areas from the country in which the sense of community is extremely strong. 

Because a lot of the people inside the Dominican Republic are mostly poor or middle class, the way in which Christmas is celebrated varies. It is crucial though for each Dominican family to become together on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Both are official non-working holidays. 

What could be Christmas if there aren‘t any Christmas decorations? 

The Dominicans have a really distinct method of decorating their homes during Christmas. Most families have recreations from the Nativity as well as Birth of Jesus Christ inside their homes. These are generally called 'Nacimiento'. 'Charamico', the Dominican Republic's version from the Christmas tree, is that the literal translation of 'dry branch'. To function a Christmas tree, the 'Charamico' is painted white and decorated with typical Christmas tree decors like balls, lights, and ribbons. 

Dominicans even have their very own special version from the European flower for Christmas called Poinsettia, which they call, 'Flor de Pascua'. Most homes also grow the 'Estrella de Natividad', literally translated like the 'Star from the Birth' of Christ. 

Truly, Dominican Republic has very special ways of celebrating the festive season of Christmas. 

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